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The site is dedicated to information on innovative treatments methods for back pain, arthritis and sports injuries.

As a doctor who specializes in above-mentioned conditions and their treatments, Dr. Vad dedicates his practice to develop minimally invasive non-surgical treatments for such conditions especially for spine related problems, arthritis, and various sports injuries.

Speciality : Physiatry, Sports Medicine

Vijay Vad, MD, treats patients as a double board certified physician with subspecialty of Sports Medicine and specialty of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, where he focuses on minimally-invasive integrative treatments for sports injuries, knee arthritis, and back pain.

Dr. Vad has published a 15-minute simple outpatient procedure called capsular distention for restoring motion and eliminating pain in frozen shoulder. In addition to treating patients at the Hospital for Special Surgery, Dr. Vad has previously served as the physician for the professional men’s tennis circuit (Association of Tennis Professionals, ATP) as well as the physician for the Westchester Classic of the PGA Tour, and MSG Tennis Showdown. Dr. Vad has written and published Back Rx, Arthritis Rx, Golf Rx and The New Rules of Running published by Penguin Random House.

In 2005, Dr. Vad’s bestseller Back Rx, was named the Wall Street Journal’s favorite health book of the year. He also authored two PBS national televisions specials entitled, “Stop Back Pain” which premiered in June of 2011, and “Active with Arthritis” which premiered in June of 2013.

Dr. Vad’s current research focuses on developing simple solutions to stay active. His integrative approach is designed to empower patients to heal themselves. He has developed the exercise app called Back Rx based on clinical trials done in conjunction with Cornell Tech. This app has not only shown to reduce back pain, but more importantly dependence on narcotics and medical procedures.

As a researcher who constantly champions better treatments, Dr. Vad utilizes carboplasty (stem-cell therapies) which he has developed in conjunction with his colleagues in India, Ghana, and Germany. Through his use of tibial bone marrow-derived stem cells to treat knee arthritis he has minimized dependence on joint replacements, exhibiting promising results presented at the Orthopedic Research Society meeting, 2018.

Along with his scientific team in Boston Dr. Vad has developed medical food capsules for dietary management of big diseases and to reduce dependence on anti-inflammatory medications and narcotics. His team has produced a highly absorbable curcumin called microactive plus curcumin, for managing arthritis and back pain.

Dr. Vad is the founder of the Vad Foundation, dedicated to educating disadvantaged girls globally and to medical research in the area of back pain and arthritis.


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From this website you can purchase books and DVDs that are written by Dr Vad.The books and exercise programs are easy to understand and follow. More information is available in the books and DVDs section.

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